AIDS diagnosis rates in Florida, Maryland and Louisiana were much

higher than the national average of 12.3 cases per 100,000 population per year.

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 Please be careful.  I am terrified for all my sistas. AIDS and HIV are on the rise in African American and Latino women. African-Americans make up about 46% of all new cases reported. The latest stats show about 1000 new cases every week.

There are soo many things we have to worry about. Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, making sure we are getting our mammograms and checkups, making sure our families and daughters are making the right choices. Since I first made this blog, so much has happened, and so may have been lost. Lost to Cancer, Lost to Aids, and lost to Domestic Abuse. Right here in Jacksonville, at the beginning of this year, a man was arrested for voluntarily giving Aids to more than 30 women!  Now there's this new thing, the Blue Waffle... Please ladies, protect yourself, and be aware of the things that are going on around us.  If we spend less time worrying about how good SHE think she look, and what SHE got on, and who's man SHE'S sleeping with, and worry about the things that are really important to us individually, perhaps we can start to take our young women back who has been loss to all this world is offering these days.

And Remember, What starts off as cute, and if he can’t have you, nobody else will, can end up deadly. Please don’t let any man do anything to you that you wouldn’t do to yourself. There is help is you want it.

RIP Meka!



Sexy Black, Executive President and Founder